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Please join us for our wedding celebration on July 9, 2016


There I was, alone, in the dark...Hark! what was that? was that a bat? a vampire? no it was my love Kathy Nguyen on Eharmony. With the world ending in a month I needed to find a valuable resource who can survive doomsday. Someone who can watch my back while I sleep so peacefully dreaming about a Pomeranian named Cuddles. Kathy was it. She has proven her loyalty time again after time again. We paraded through the tall grass not knowing what was on the other side of the grass blades. We were side swiped with zombies to our left and zombies to our right. Kathy took a deep breath and sacrificed one of her fingers (her left ring finger) so I can advance my life as a male. She has not left my side not once. She is either the most loyal girl in the world or she is plotting something big. Either way I am happy to be with her. This story is 100 percent true written by Josh Buby himself.

Josh and I actually met on EHarmony where we were matched on January 31st. I remembered feeling as if I needed to take a break and didn't think anything of Josh, who was the last guy to email me. We went on our first date on March 10 where Josh picked me up at my house in his red truck wearing his newspaper boy hat. We had sushi in Pasadena and then we walked around Barnes and Nobles and talked to the rest of the night. When we had our first kiss, my first thought was that "this feels like my last first kiss". Throughout these last 5 years, he has been my best friend, my #1 supporter in everything I do(even when I am wrong). I cannot imagine going through life without him by my side, and I can't wait to be, yes, the future Mrs. Buby!